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Dominica IBC - All Inclusive Packages From - 770 UK £ - 1185 - 1150 USD $

Dominica IBC Legislation

In June 26 1996 the International Business Companies Act (IBC Act) was legislated. This Act offers progressive legislation with flexible company structures and efficient incorporation procedures. The privacy of shareholders is guaranteed under the Act at section 112.

Dominica Company Structure

The International Business Company structure is flexible with the following advantages:

Dominica Offshore Companies may have just one director

One shareholder and one director are allowed. The same person can be the shareholder and director

A director does not have to be a shareholder

Directors and shareholders may be natural persons or corporate entities in Dominica companies

There are no nationality or resident restrictions on shareholders and directors

Nominee shareholders and directors are allowed For Dominica offshore incorporation and we can provide this service when required

There is no requirement for a secretary

Dominica Companies Shares and Capital Requirements

Shares can be issued with or without Par Value;

Shares may be issued as registered shares or Bearer shares though the bearer shares must be kept in Dominica

There is no minimum Authorized Share Capital requirement for Dominican companies.

The Share Capital has no upper limit which will affect the Government Registration Fee or the Annual Fees.

Dominica Offshore Companies Taxation

Law provides minimum twenty (20) years Tax Exemption for offshore companies beginning from the day of incorporation

Annual Fees are to be paid on the anniversary of the incorporation of the company and every twelve (12) months thereafter

There are no dual Taxation Treaties with other countries and therefore no requirement for exchange of information with other Tax Authorities

Dominica IBC Meetings/Books/Records

IBC records and accounts do not have to be held or filed with the authorities. If the shareholders, directors or officers decide to maintain such records or accounts, these may be held anywhere in the world.

There is no requirement for any financial statements, accounts or records to be kept for a Dominica IBC:

If it is found to be desirable or necessary by the director(s) or shareholder(s) these records may be held anywhere in the world

There is no requirement for meetings of shareholder(s) and/or director(s)

If meetings of shareholder(s) and/or director(s) are desirable these meetings can be held by telephone or any other electronic means of communication providing that all participants can clearly hear each other

Meetings if thought necessary can be held anywhere in the world

Dominica Company Confidentiality/Privacy

Under Section 112 of the IBC Act it is an offence punishable by a fine of US $25,000.00 and imprisonment for two years for anyone including an auditor or official liquidator to reveal any information regarding a Dominica corporation, except by order of the Court, and solely relating to criminal activities.

The information on the Beneficial Owners is kept at the Registered Office and not available to the public.

We offer Nominee Services to provide for your further confidentiality and privacy.

Dominica Companies Time Frame

Incorporation is very efficient and usually can be completed within one (1) working day.

Company documents are shipped via express mail and between one to three days must be allowed for the package to arrive, depending on where the final destination is.

Dominica IBC Annual renewals

Annual renewal fees which include the government fees, registered office and registered agent fees (also nominee director fees when applicable) are payable on the anniversary of the incorporation of the company. An invoice will be provided before to serve as a reminder.

Dominica Offshore Companies Restrictions

A Dominica IBC is restricted from doing business with Dominica residents or companies except where:

It makes or maintains professional contact with solicitors, barristers, accountants, bookkeepers, trust companies, management or secretarial companies, investment advisors, or other similar persons or entities carrying on business within Dominica

It prepares or maintains books and records within Dominica (if it decides to keep such books and records)

It holds within Dominica, meetings of its directors or members (if it so desires)

It holds a lease on property for use as an office from which to communicate with members or where books and records of the company are prepared or maintained (if so decided)

It holds debt obligations, shares or other securities in a Dominican IBC or any other locally incorporated company

Shares, debt obligations or other securities in the company are owned by any person resident in Dominica or by any Dominica IBC or any other locally incorporated company

There are restrictions on the following:

Own interest in real estate property in Dominica

Carry on business in banking or trust and insurance or re-insurance business except if the appropriate license is granted

Provide company management or registered offices for a Dominica Offshore Corporation

There are no restrictions on doing business outside of Dominica except illegal activities or such activities that require additional licensing.

Dominica Company Names

The name of a Dominica Offshore Company must end with a word or phrase or the abbreviation thereof which indicates Limited Liability. Examples are "Limited", "Ltd.", "Corporation", "Corp.", "Société Anonyme", and "S.A.".

The name of a Dominica Offshore Company shall not use a word or phrase which may suggest the patronage of Government such as "Government", "Govt", "National", "Royal", "Republic", "Commonwealth" or "Dominica".

The name of an IBC may not end with a word, a phrase or an abbreviation thereof such as Bank, Assurance, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Foundation, Trust etc., without special permission or license.

Dominica IBC’s are one of the best offshore structures on the market at present and Dominica offshore company formation process is very straight forward. We can offer you Dominica shelf companies list to choose from or set-up a Dominica IBC in one working day.

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